Western Foothills Freestyle Championships


Place Winners and Team Scores of Charted NC/USA Clubs

Bantam, Midget, Novice, Schoolboy, Cadet, Junior, Open

Bantam Division

Weight: B045A

Weight: B050B

Weight: B055B

Weight: B060B

Midget Division

Weight: M060A

Weight: M065A

Weight: M075B

Weight: M087B

Weight: M103A

Novice Division

Weight: N065A

Weight: N080A

Weight: N095A

Weight: N105A

Weight: N120B

Weight: N140A

Schoolboy Division

Weight: S085A

Weight: S095B

Weight: S100B

Weight: S105A

Weight: S150B

Weight: S160B

Cadet Division

Weight: C103B

Weight: C121B

Weight: C132B

Weight: C143B

Weight: C154B

Weight: C167B

Weight: C209B

Weight: C242B

Junior Divison

Weight: J114B

Weight: J123B

Weight: J132B

Weight: J143B

Weight: J154B

Weight: J165B

University/Open Divison

Weight: U152B

Weight: U167B

Weight: U187B

Weight: U286B


Team Scores of Charteres NC/USA Clubs

1. Lincoln, Lincolnton 334.00
2. Catawba Rasslin, Hickory 193.00
3. Trojan, Claremont 168.00
4. Warriors,Gastonia 137.00
5. Ironman, High Point 71.00
6. Strong&Courageous, Hendersonville 61.00
7. Renegades, Booneville 30.00
8. Western Catawba, Hickory 19.00


CardiacKids, Chapel Hill-Wake Forest

Eastern Rowan




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