this custom designed medal, made exclusively for the little indian classic by catawba rasslin?/span> and maxwell medals, is awarded to the top three wrestlers in each weight class.

?old, silver, and bronze.

text box: the
 little indian

the first big test for what is to come.

phone: 828-324-7621

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the little indian, the first big test for what is to come for our future? wrestlers.


contact billy baker at?the high school for details.


the little indian classic was started in 1986 by coach larry carpenter and coach darel reese.


to the best memory, this event has only been cancelled 3 times due to weather at the end of 2013.


the covid virus cancelled it for the 4th time in 2020.



33rd?annual little indian classic

jan 14th,?2023

results will be posted here

the little indian used in the design of the tournament medal was inspired by the image from the page 109 of the 1968 corona year book.

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